Pre-requisites #

  • PHP = 7.2 && PHP>=7.4+ (Not working with PHP 7.3)
  • Create an account on Paynit as a merchant. Click to create an account.
  • Get the merchant Api User, merchant API key, and merchant API Password from the merchant dashboard under the credentials section

To Get Started with this SDK, Make sure you have a PHP application ready.Also make sure you subscribe to the various payment methods you want

Installation #

composer require sevengps/payunit

Using the SDK #

To conveniently use Payunit, Add the Payunit Namespace in your desired controller.

 use SevenGps\PayUnit

Create a new instance of the Payunit class and pass in all the required parameters.

$myPayment = new PayUnit(

Call the MakePayment method to make a payment


Configuration # #

  • To Test Visa/Master Card in the Sandbox environment use the following information :
    • Card Number: 4242 4224 2424 2424 or 2223 0000 4840 0011

  • To test PayPal in the Sandbox environment use the following credential :
api_usernameMerchant Api Username gotten from merchant dashboard under credentials sectionyes
api_passwordMerchant Api Password  gotten from merchant dashboard under credentials sectionyes
api_keyMerchant Api Key gotten from merchant dashboard under credentials sectionyes
modeThe current mode operation. Can either be “test” when testing in sandbox or “live” when ready for production.yes
return_urlThe url or endpoint to be called upon payment completionyes
notify_urlThe url or endpoint to submit a transaction response to. 

This url or endpoint accepts a POST request of format:
“message”:”Transaction of 5000 XAF was successfully completed”
purchaseRefA reference which you can give from your end to a particular transactionno
total_amountThe amount or price of the product/products to be paid for.yes
descriptionA description you can give to this type of  transactionno
nameName of the merchantyes
currencyCan be XAF, USD or any currently supported currencyyes
transactionIdid that uniquely identifies the transaction and I must be unique for a transaction. This id should be alpha numeric and less than 20 charactersyes

If everything is put in place, a call to the PayUnit API will be made and if the request turns out successful, you will be redirected to the PayUnit payment interface. The interface is shown below.

Demo #

You can check out this demo at to see payunit in action.
Watch demo video here

Recommendations #

Please for security reasons make sure you read your Api key, Api password and Api user from an environment file

Updated on 27 October 2022