10 Benefits of Using PayUnit to Collect Payments Online in Cameroon

Online payment solution provider in Cameroon

Statistics on online payment in Cameroon point to what you already know: 

By the year 2040, it is estimated that 95% of all global purchases will be done through e-commerce.

For this reason, more and more businesses in Cameroon, small and large are collecting payments online. 

Consequently, there has been an explosion of Fintech companies across the country, each promising superior services.

From a list of 20+ online payment aggregators in Cameroon, which will you choose? In this post, I’ll talk about the benefits of using PayUnit to collect and manage online payments in Cameroon. 

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10 Reasons Why You Should Use PayUnit to Collect and Manage Your Payments Online in Cameroon.

1. Simplified underlying logic of our code hence fewer bugs.

What is the state of software quality today? This is a very important question to ask when you’re deciding on which online payment aggregator in Cameroon to go with.

The answer to this question will depend on whom you ask. 

Software errors expose your end users to slow, buggy software. Or worse, compromise the security and safety of your products. However, many businesses don’t have visibility on their software errors, so measuring them and their impact can be hard.

That’s why you need a payment aggregator you can trust.

Payunit is running on AWS and Azure Cloud. These are leading cloud provider platforms. The benefit of this is that, whenever we bring in new features, you won’t notice a change. All your  operations will continue to run unperturbed.

Moreover, PayUnit was born of EneoPay. EneoPay handles thousands of transactions per day from Eneo partners. You can trust PayUnit for the experience of the developers who built EneoPay. 

2. Use one code across multiple applications

When we decided to bring PayUnit as an online payment solution in Cameroon, one important question we wanted to resolve was the question of technology.

That’s why even though we built Software Development Kits (SDKs) for Javascript, Python, PHP, and Vuejs, we still needed technology for today’s mobile app developers.

That’s why we could not do without Flutter.

Our PayUnit Flutter SDK is easy to get and the code is reusable for both Android and iOS.

With PayUnit, help your customers or employees reduce software delivery time while your marketing team reaches more audiences on Android and iOS alike.

3. Extensive documentation (SDKs) for PHP, Javascript, Python, and Flutter, and customer support.

Experienced developers will tell you the same thing: many factors contribute to the success of a software project; documentation included.

Yet, many companies and developers still underestimate the role documentation plays when choosing an online payment solution in Cameroon.

As you’ll come to realize, poor documentation is the cause of many errors and reduces efficiency in every phase of a software product’s development.


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4. REST Interface

It’s true we have several SDKs and we’re still creating more. However, we won’t be able to create SDKs for every technology available.

That’s why we have a REST Interface. With our comprehensive REST Interface, it is easy for developers to understand and implement our API with any technology. 

Moreover, developers love REST because it is much easier than other approaches such as SOAP which keeps developers from having to reinvent the wheel as far as HTTP request operations go.

Consult our REST API documentation here. 

5. Test the code 

As you may already know, testing and optimization is a never ending process when it comes to software development.

With PayUnit, our sandboxing function allows you to test, optimize, and validate our codes before you use them on your website or application. 

6. All payment options you need in Cameroon are included

It takes time and procedure to get APIs for MoMo, Orange MoneyExpress Union, YUP, Master Card, Visa Card, and PayPal.

That’s why we built PayUnit – To integrate all these online payment options in Cameroon. With our choice of technology and experience building a successful online payment solution like EneoPay, PayUnit is a better choice. 

Our vision is to evolve into a standalone payment provider that assimilates and makes transparent the other payment providers so as to eliminate the hassle in dealing with several different PSPs. 

online payment aggregator Cameroon

7. Pixel perfect design for all screen resolutions. 

In simple terms, a pixel perfect design is one that provides the sharpest, cleanest and intentional looks due to the complete utilization of every pixel in the design.

This was a serious topic in our meetings. As a matter of fact, PayUnit is free of aberrations, undesired blurring, distortions and other design imperfections.

You can be sure that your customers will have a great experience purchasing on your website or application.

8. Mobile ready design for today’s customers. 

Did you know:

59% of Cameroonian internet users browse using smartphones. Only 39.4% access the internet using computers while 1.3% are connected via tablets.

This means that more Cameroonians are likely to pay you through their mobile phones.

That’s why we built PayUnit with today’s customers in mind.

9. Leverage analytics and graphics in the dashboard for easy reporting.

You need a dashboard to effectively manage your online payments. With PayUnit, there are no missing or trojan transactions. All transactions are available from the day you make your first request. 

10. Pay us when you start making money. 

Our APIs are free. To get started:

  1. Sign-up: Quickly create your merchant account in one minute
  1. Integrate: Copy and paste the code for the SDK you need
  1. Go Live: Subscribe to PSPs and add your live credentials to your SDK

You can now enjoy the most competitive rates per transaction in the market:

  • MoMo: 2.8% 
  • Orange Money: 2.8%
  • YUP: 2.8%
  • Express Union Mobile Money: 2.8%
  • Visacard/Mastercard: 5.9%
  • PayPal: 6.9%.

Enjoy all the 10 Benefits of Choosing PayUnit as Your Online Payment Solution in Cameroon

  1. Simplified underlying logic of our code hence fewer bugs.
  2. Use one code across multiple applications.
  3. Extensive documentation (SDKs) for PHP, Javascript, Python, WooCommerce, and Flutter and customer support.
  4. REST Interface for easy development in any technology.
  5. Testing environment to double check our code.
  6. All payment options you need in Cameroon are included
  7. Pixel perfect design for all screen resolutions. 
  8. Mobile ready design for today’s customers. 
  9. Leverage analytics and graphics in the dashboard for easy reporting.
  10. Pay us when you start making money. 

Start collecting payments from your customers online today

No Setup fees.
Most competitive rates in the market.

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